Athletic Field Services Corporation provides SmartGrass Solutions

Have you considered a state-of-the-art playing field?

AFS can delivers consistently, safe, reliable, synthetic grass to increase your athletes’ performance while protecting them from injury.  Our synthetic grass systems are easy to maintain, and capable of handling the constant demand for field access without breaking down.

Our Advantages differentiate our SmartGrass System:

  • Performance: our synthetic grass provides sure-footing control and uniformity throughout the field. Ther is great playing surface without flyout of the infill, without hard areas, and without soft areas.
  • Safety: Our systems have long term proven records of safety for shock attenuation "GMAX" per the ASTM F-355
  • Health & Environmental Protection: Our synthetic grass meets EPA NELAP Standards to be free of hazardous materials
  • Drainage: Our systems provide reliable drainage with a stable sub-base with a record since 2001
  • Proven Materials & Methods of Construction: We only employ materials that have been thoroughly tested for durable, reliable, consistent performance.

Waterfront Athletic Field in a Recreational Park

We provide our expertise, knowledge, and experience so that you will have the best solution to your needs for:
  • Athletic Fields
  • Playgrounds
  • Golf/Putting Greens
  • Specialty Products
  • Equipment & Accessories
  • Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Recycling the field
Tell us the goals for your project so that we can provide proven synthetic grass technology to fulfill your requirements.

AFS separates itself from the competition by offering superior service and reliability, including complete project management: one of our project managers is dedicated to your site from start to finish.  If you ever have a question or concern, or if you just want an update on your project, your project manager is available to you at your convenience.  more >>


Join the Team for Performance, Safety, and Reliability!


AFS is a “design and build” firm.  We are not dependent on high volume sales, and we reject the traditional “cookie cutter” approach to client needs.  Our most effective sales tool is the satisfied customers who boast of our quality and service. 

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TenCate, makers of Thiolon fiber

Forever Green trusts TenCate, innovators in artificial surfaces for over thirty years.  TenCate devotes that experience, and intensive research, to the development of comfortable and especially safe artificial turf sports pitches.  Forever Green uses TenCate Thiolon fiber for superior performance.