Fiber Detail

Field Green #6380 Yarn

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The fibers contain ultra-violet protection to ensure longevity, and are resistant to extreme temperatures.

TenCate Premium Materials

Forever Green surfaces are designed and built for athletes to safely play at their best.  The artificial grass has a granulated rubber infill, which absorbs the impact of falls on the surface (rather than transferring the impact to the player).  The combination of granular infill and long artificial grass blades create a stable surface for players to run, slide, pivot, and turn.

Crumb Rubber Infill Particles

Crumb rubber infill

The Forever Green field will not harden from compaction because only resilient materials are used in the infill.  The system maintains its resiliency over time so athletes can enjoy a consistent natural life throughout the life of the field.

Forever Green fields are the most stable in the industry, as well, at 0.1% movement between 20 and 120 degrees F. and 30-80% RH.  Essential in sustaining this stability is our unique secondary backing of High Grade Polyurethane, which enhances the primary Fibrolock backing and helps keep the fiber and field in place.

Forever Green fields release a cleated shoe in a manner similar to natural grass.  The tufted blades of artificial grass and the yielding infill allows cleated shoes to easily anchor, rotate, and release, minimizing the chance of motion-related injury.  This system will virtually eliminate the injuries to ankles and knees that can be caused by players twisting their cleats.

Turf Closeup

Polyethylene Artificial Grass

The TtC Polyethylene artificial grass fibers are smooth to the skin, and not slippery on the shoe.  Athletes can safely fall or slide on the artificial grass, without risk of painful "turf burn" injuries.