Proper subbase construction results in proper drainage.  Proper drainage results in peak performance from your field.  Forever Green understands the complexity of ensuring proper drainage, and for that reason our chief engineer is on site to oversee and inspect the subbase construction of every field we install.

In an effort to increase the drainage capability of synthetic surfaces and save you money on subbase construction, Forever Green offers a revolutionary drainage mat called ForeverDrain.  The ForeverDrain drainage mat accomplishes two important tasks: (1) the ForeverDrain mat helps evacuate over four inches of water from the surface of the field per hour; and (2) it helps the all rubber infill surface achieve a universally low GMAX rating.  As important, ForeverDrain does not change the ball bounce (ASTM F 1551) or feel under-foot.

ForeverDrain Curb Detail

See full detail of ForeverDrain curb construction (pdf, 274kb) >>

See detail of ForeverDrain transverse view across field (pdf, 167kb) >>

If you decide instead to install a more traditional drainage system, Forever Green will also oversee and inspect the construction of the subbase to make sure it will achieve proper drainage.

Flat Drain Curb Detail

See full detail of flat drain curb construction (pdf, 220kb) >>

See detail of flat drain transverse view across field (pdf, 159kb) >>