How is Forever Landscape Turf different from other synthetic turf?

Our turf fibers have been manufactured to resemble real grass."  The fiber component consists of UV protected "polyethylene," which is the softest fiber component in the industry.  Forever Landscape turf only requires a small amount of rubber infill or sand to stabilize the root of the fiber and weigh down the turf.

Forever Green Landscape

How does the Forever Landscape Turf hold up in an outdoor environment?

Our turf is assembled using the finest UV treated polyethylene, water resistant fibers.  With customer care and the application of our annual UV spray treatment, your Forever Landscape turf could last well over 10 years.  Our synthetic turf has been installed in the cold climates of the Northeast and the hot deserts of California, New Mexico and Florida.

Forever Green Landscape

Can Forever Landscape Turf be sculptured around walkways, pools, plants or trees?

Yes, just like real sod grass.

Forever Green Landscape

What size or shape can the Forever Landscape be constructed?

With professional installation, just about any size or shape can be constructed.

Forever Green Landscape

Can you walk on the Forever Landscape Turf?

Yes, our special shock absorbing drainage blanket and pad, coupled with the spring action memory designed fiber, makes our Forever Landscape surface as resilient as real grass.

Forever Green Landscape

Can your kids play on the Forever Landscape Turf?

We have three different models of Forever Landscape.  Two of the models are made for cosmetic turf and the other one is made for a play area.

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Forever Green Landscape