Forever Green uses all crumb rubber infill, which delivers a consistent, safe surface that can help increase your athletes’ performance while protecting them from injury.  Combined with our ForeverDrain pad, our all-rubber infill fields return the lowest GMAX Ratings (ASTM F355) in the industry, averaging ratings of 90-95 initially and 110-120 long-term.

GMAX Test Results

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GMAX testing is conducted to measure shock-absorbing characteristics, the impact force-time relationships, and the rebound properties of playing surface systems (ASTM F355-01 "Standard Test Method for Shock-Absorbing Properties of Playing Surface Systems and Materials").  The ratings are a ratio of surface impact acceleration as compared to normal gravitational acceleration.

In other words, the higher the GMAX rating, the less the surface absorbs the shock of impact; as less of the shock is absorbed by the surface, more of the shock of the impact is transferred to the player.  ASTM specifies that the GMAX rating should not exceed 200 (as measured in accordance with ASTM procedures F355-A and F1936), otherwise the field is considered unsafe.

Forever Green believes that you should not have to sacrifice performance for safety, or vice versa, and we have therefore engineered a superior system that plays well and protects your athletes throughout the life of the field.